The Powerful Trio

The Powerful Trio

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Girl of da Bloxie123 By Bloxiegirl123 Completed

After a weird meet up with some of Minecraftia's most feared bosses, Sky goes missing. When he returns, he makes a... Fashionable statement. Join Team Crafted and The Sky Army as they face their worst threat yet... 

One of their own

Cover by @falloutfandoms

I think he needs some ice for that, BBBBBBUUUUUURRRRRRNNNNNN!
Inola_Chula Inola_Chula 4 days ago
Ello' darkness my old friend iv'e come to talk with you again
Wolf123450 Wolf123450 Dec 28, 2015
Person one-Knock knock
                              Person two-who's there?
                              Person one-Interrupting cow
                              Person two-Interrupt...
                              Person one-MMMMMUUUUUU
                              Person two-EVERY TIME!!!!
Agent_Nevada01 Agent_Nevada01 Sep 16, 2015
God i don't know but imagine him with an extremely cheery voice and it's creepy to no end!
gwendolyn1 gwendolyn1 Jun 03, 2015
Have you noticed that even though his eyes glow you still can only see darkness?
MiaStarlight MiaStarlight May 07, 2015
This sounds so~ much like a s#x reference it makes me cringe