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My New Life (Adopted by Tom Hiddleston)

My New Life (Adopted by Tom Hiddleston)

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Olivia Potter By Mae_the_force Completed

" Emelia!" 

I groaned, rolling out of the hard bed and onto the floor. Then the call came again, only louder.

"Emelia! Get dressed and down here this instant!"

It was Mrs Hellman, the orphanage director. Sighing, I got up off the floor and began the process of getting dressed.

I appeared downstairs five minutes later, my backpack in tow, ready to go to another boring day of  elementary school.

The bus smelled of exhaust and B.O. The seats were teeming with other children, some the rich ones from Malibu mansions, others from small flats near the beach, and the remaining from out orphanage in the backstreets of Los Angeles, California.

Once I was onboard the school bus,  I settled down in an empty seat near the back, as to avoid whispers. For some reason, the non-orphans always thought we were mass murderers or something to be living in some sort of  Azkaban. The thought always made me laugh. Mrs Hellman would mage a nice dementor. Except dementors didn't yell at you to get up, and...

JoannaHiddleston223 JoannaHiddleston223 Nov 12, 2016
Tom Hiddleston, Harry Potter and LOTR all in one chapter. What's not to love!!! 😍😍😍😍
twlove37 twlove37 Feb 29, 2016
yaaaaaaasss!!!!! YaAaAaAaAaAaSsS!!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAASSSSSS!!!!!!!!
MidnightAngelsFlame MidnightAngelsFlame Jul 14, 2016
Stranger danger!!!! Why you say to a kid call me? sorry but that is terrible Tom what do we not know? >.<
Soul2015 Soul2015 Mar 01, 2016
It's the witch of the west hide hide. If not pour water on her.😂
christmas-sweaters christmas-sweaters Jul 02, 2016
AGHHHHHHH TOMMMMMM *cough cough* sorry, asthma. *cough cough cough*
thechickenwingbearer thechickenwingbearer Aug 27, 2016
It would be creepy if he said that after handing me a different book, but because it's Lotr everything's fine