His Highness is a Jerk

His Highness is a Jerk

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He kept on walking forward, in a confident demeanor closing the gap that is already diminutive. Just as Ivory thought she could run away, the wall collided with her back. Leaving her no hope of leaving. 

He leaned forward until she could feel his breath tickling her earlobe. The hair on her neck standing up in an alert to the close proximity of him.

"I told you Ivory, do not tempt me." He said in a dangerously low voice.

She felt her cheeks burn, a raw feeling she never experienced before but she tried to muster whatever courage was left in her before it vanished away. 


Ivory Pattinson, a composed woman or she tries to be in most places, Ivory tries to uncover the reason behind her parents death when she discovers a clue that leads to the one and only Vincent O'Sullivan, the dark multi-billionaire.

Vincent O'Sullivan, a multi-billionaire who puts his work first before anyone else. He believes that time indeed is money and so he doesn't indulge in distractions such as love but opts for nights with different women with no strings attached. But when a whimsical woman appears in front of him he's determined to have her fired but she unexpectedly perks up his curiosity instead.

Follow Ivory and Vincent's journey in finding the truth and an unexpected love after many sarcastic remarks, hide & seek games and stolen kisses.

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