Reborn : Unwanted Attention From Overbearing Heir

Reborn : Unwanted Attention From Overbearing Heir

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maira By amaira134 Updated Sep 18

Tang wei just visited her ex-fiance lu Chen and tang ming, she wanted to apologise for the bad deeds she did for them.....she even made her half sister Tang ming barren just so lu Chen could leave her but turns out their love is pure and stronger than her obsession.

She spent her past 10 years making their lives miserable and even after doing all those dirty things she was still alive because of her sister whom she loathed from the day she stepped into the Tang household. Tang ming saved Tang wei from the accident and got crippled in the process. 

They accepted her apology, her sister even forgave her but she could see lu Chen still doubt her, after all who would believe a woman that spent almost half of life ruining them suddenly wanted to change.

With all these thoughts she closed her eyes and opened them just to hear luo Chen shouting " I can't stay engaged to that evil woman for one more second, she is making my life hell!"

Tang wei opened her eyes just to see the young version of lu Chen standing before her together with her father and uncle lu. 
Tang wei : "uh..... Sure! Let's cancel it!" she happily said making everyone's jaw drop. 


Now that I'm still in my college days and have fallen out of love with lu Chen... What will happen to my future? 

A handsome iceberg : " let's get married" 

Tang wei :" uh.... HUH!??!!!!"

Why not give it a go... No revenge, no misunderstanding , only simple beautiful love story