My Rebellious Mate.

My Rebellious Mate.

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Lena is the like all the other Russo’s; she loving, funny, caring, popular, and of course, a werewolf. Lena is the girl everyone loves, but of course, she has the haters like Julia Anders, queen bee. 

Lena isn’t stressing about having a mate; she likes spending her time worrying about soccer. So what happens when bad boy Darien shows up? 

Darien is the type of boy you don’t want to look at wrong or he’ll smash your face in. He has a trouble pass though and one he which to never share with anyone. He’s alone and he likes it that way. 

So when sunshine Lena steps into his life, he learns new rules about life and learning to trust someone again. 

- - -
First Book Is Called My Muted Mate
Third Book Is Called My Warlock Mate

Y u gotta learn about old and dead people or long forgotten things, i mean no one is going to out of the blue ask that
My name is lena lol and that's how I spell it to when I saw this book and the caption I was like yup I'm reading this
In my school High school starts in 7th and when I got to tech the tech teacher called us new victims, he had a jar that said ashes of annoying teens
KiaraCombs KiaraCombs Mar 09
Omg I forgot he's not a wolf. Because the curse is that her family gets a soulmates that are human
I has the same sense of Deja vu and then remembered. COLEEN!
I'm name after my grandma to and I like to go by lena but my real name is marlena