Neko!Hetalia x Reader

Neko!Hetalia x Reader

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When you find a basket on your doorstep full of adorable kitties you bite off more than you can chew! Join the Hetalia cats in a series of fun and hilarious adventures! Are they hiding a secret from you? How will things go?

(I haven't seen many of these on Wattpad, I have only neen Hetalia x neko reader, so I'm going to fix that!)

Rated PG: 13 because they are countries, they are going to be themselves. France, Iggy, I'm looking at you two...

All I got to say 
                              THE AWESOME PRUSSIA IS HERE
I don't know if I should scream because I'm wasting my money on talking cats or to celebrate because Prussia is here.
Syxiri Syxiri 7 days ago
I got a feeling this will be like Dandelion: Wishes brought to you
Ddawn2001 Ddawn2001 Nov 26
I was watching a movie on tv with my sis, on commercial break i started reading this. I stopped four paragraphs in because of cuteness overload and i knew i wouldnt pay attention to the movie if i kept reading. XD
I could imagine greece with his kittens and greece's kittens would be his servants amirite
///*whispers*Here we have a wild cats cuddled up with each other. People name the two Ludwig and Feliciano. This is their natural habitat.*gets smack by Fuu-senpai*
                              Why are you making me suffer, admin-