Neko!Hetalia x Reader

Neko!Hetalia x Reader

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When you find a basket on your doorstep full of adorable kitties you bite off more than you can chew! Join the Hetalia cats in a series of fun and hilarious adventures! Are they hiding a secret from you? How will things go?

(I haven't seen many of these on Wattpad, I have only neen Hetalia x neko reader, so I'm going to fix that!)

Rated PG: 13 because they are countries, they are going to be themselves. France, Iggy, I'm looking at you two...

Llyvraneth Llyvraneth Jun 27
What is this ... scent.
                              It smells better than vanilla, cherry blossoms, chocolate, and a library mixed together...
                              Oh right.
                              I'm smelling yaoi again.
Some English dude with a gigantic eyebrows and his name is Arthur Kirkland.
rape_face rape_face 6 days ago
Do you have any objections
                              Cat: *shakes his head no vigorously*
                              (ANYONE ELSE GET THE REFERENCE)