The Alpha's Choice (Undergoing Rewrite)

The Alpha's Choice (Undergoing Rewrite)

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In my pack if you haven't found your mate by the time you turn 18 then one is chosen for you by the alpha.  Werewolves can't shift until they have been mated and alpha wants them to turn as soon as possible to make our pack stronger. If you were fortunate enough to find your mate than great but if not you end up like me, with a chosen one. 

Kiela, is a wolf who has always looked forward to finding her mate but one day that dream gets taken from her when the future alpha stakes his claim over her. After refusing to accept what fate has handed her she sets out to find his true mate so she can be free. Throw in her true mate who has been looking for her to and you've got problems.

Curious to find out what happens? Read on to find out.

ErrinnAzzara ErrinnAzzara Jul 07, 2017
Ow my least she's....good ,not the psychotic one..
rdonet rdonet Mar 09
Tyler..., let me guess her true mate is the new guy she hasn't met yet...?!
_lukessidechick_ _lukessidechick_ Dec 18, 2017
its go in a robe and have my hair in curlers and probably wear thongs  (flip flops for you non Australians) and maybe a face mask and be like "how you like me now"
someoneunimportant99 someoneunimportant99 Jul 23, 2017
Same... my life consists of reading wattpad and spending time with my pets
catherineezzz catherineezzz May 07, 2017
It's not really called a 'mate' if the person isn't ur true 'mate', it's a substitute but mkay
darkwolf1996 darkwolf1996 Nov 13, 2016
Clumsier than me? Like the time I broke a 80$ perfume at the mall.