The Disappearance of Louis Scully

The Disappearance of Louis Scully

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John Everex By Johneverex Completed

When fourteen-year-old Louis Scully sees a man die, he learns things are not quite what they seem in the small town of Newcombe. 

He discovers the victim is a stranger from a parallel world, Effrain: a place embroiled in a war for power, where anyone can teleport and where some possess darker, more sinister abilities. Chased by agents from this world, he finds himself trusting a tortured mechanic who seems to know the answers.

Serafina Aldarin is also from Effrain and the daughter of the Minister herself. When she arrives in Newcombe, she is astonished by the level of the technology: the speed of the vehicles, the perfection of the materials and the methods for communication. Serafina knows this is what her mother is after; harnessing these powers will give her control of Effrain.

As their stories become entwined, they find their survival and understanding depends on the knowledge they each possess.

But sometimes knowledge is a dangerous thing.