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Perfect Fit (Derek Hale Fanfiction Book #1)

Perfect Fit (Derek Hale Fanfiction Book #1)

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salvachesterhale By salvachesterhale Completed

Christina Laymen is a hopeless romantic, self-proclaimed TV addict, and best friend of Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinksi. She loves all things supernatural, so you can imagine how thrilled she is when her best friend is bitten by a wolf in the middle of the woods, at night. Christina insists that Scott is turning into a werewolf, especially when he develops enhanced hearing & smelling, inhuman speed & strength, and the urge to maim and kill on the full moon. Insert Derek Hale, a twenty-something werewolf who has been alone and angry ever since his entire family was brutally burned to death in their house, the fire lit by his ex-girlfriend Kate Argent. Derek tells Scott that they need to work together to figure out who the alpha is that bit Scott, but teaming up with Derek Hale proves to be more complicated than they originally thought. Things get even more complicated when Christina and Derek find themselves falling head over heels for each other. 
Will their relationship last through all the chaos or crash and burn at every obstacle?

The most unneasasary Infomation that most fanfictions contain. The magical foreshadowing that dereks gonna like her boobs *unenthusiastic jazz hands*
MsLunaWorthy MsLunaWorthy 5 days ago
"She's so girly." 
                              Um, literally the only "girly" thing that she described in her room was the walls, which is purple. Hate to break it to you lot, but purple is for both genders. Just like pink, or blue, or black. No color is specifically for ONE gender. That'd be stupid.
TieganGlass TieganGlass Apr 24
Haha everyone's big boobed then there's me 28A or 28B depending.
MaddyMoBear MaddyMoBear Feb 03
Does one else find it a bit ironic???? Red hoodie-little red going out into the woods where the "big bad wolf" is
Hehe yall big boobed people complaining and im here like bro B cups 😁✌🏼️
Omg my people!!!!! I was hoping someone had good taste in music!!