SunDown And The Vampire Prince (ON HOLD)

SunDown And The Vampire Prince (ON HOLD)

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Emily By emilytwin Updated Sep 01, 2014

My world was taken over thousands of years ago by a strong and powerful race. They engulfed cities, took over countries, but most importantly they took over humanity, making us slaves. 
The one thing that has changed since now and then is the number of vampire females. Because of the lost of vampire females the king allows the abduction and transformation of young human girls to join their kind. However because of ethical reasons the girls are granted a choice which is quite a surprise to us humans due to their cruel nature. 
One young girl must decide what is best for her and hope that in the end it wont cost her...Her life. This could end in love or tragedy and blood. But it's her decision, three chances. They can be used up so quickly, so be careful. 

She is kidnapped by a prince who is desperately in love with her as she is his 'soul mate'. He will do anything to break her down and get the respect he deserves. He is arrogant and gets everything he's ever wanted. So what will he think when Katherine isnt so easy to get...

Read and find out :)

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Icy_flame_ Icy_flame_ May 07, 2017
Great plot but your grammAr needs a bit  of an update it sounds like a kid write this no offense  I'm no professional but it's a great book it just needs a bit of work😌
lovebite_mmmmm lovebite_mmmmm Feb 04, 2016
She going to get chosen I know it                 ,it's ever she gets chosen or her parents die it's one or the other
qazwsx5643 qazwsx5643 Feb 12, 2016
Katherine? And to think that Colin didn't date her yet (if u understand)
Sana-SENPAI Sana-SENPAI Apr 22, 2016
Tbh i would have already be dead or tortured i dont like being told what to do when it isnt necessary and i have a temper thos short 👌when it comes down to disrespect
KillingVictoria KillingVictoria Jun 13, 2016
Lemme guess...this weapon is gonna be found during her life?
tynichawilliams tynichawilliams Feb 01, 2016
They be doing to much cleaning I would have to take some breaks lol