The Adventures of Red Electron

The Adventures of Red Electron

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L. Jo King By LanaJoKing Updated 2 hours ago

Arin Adams doesn't exactly have the greatest superpower ever, but a series of accidental victories gets her thrown into a world of professional superheroes- and supervillains. 
Before she can even learn how to control her powers, she finds herself in the spotlight of the universe's top superhero team: The Ultimatum, obtains a superhero-hating girlfriend who is definitely going to learn her secret soon, and a crazy-rich arch nemesis who is out for her head.

Superheroeing might not be all it's cracked up to be.

[January Featured Novel - Official Superhero Reading List (01/04/2019)]

**Important note: This story is a novel-comic hybrid. It is filled with media not visible in offline reading. However, the story is still able to be understood without the media, if you prefer to read in offline.
I recommend reading it with a white background on mobile. But you do you!