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DIG: The Official Prequel

DIG: The Official Prequel

952K Reads 1.7K Votes 12 Part Story
DIGonUSA By DIGonUSA Completed

Peter Connelly, a highly decorated FBI agent, has just arrived in Jerusalem for a new assignment—there’s been a major cyber heist and it’s up to him to track the missing millions and whoever’s responsible. While the FBI believes this to be the work of the notorious and elusive super-hacker Akula, who may have posed as an Israeli bank employee, Peter’s not convinced. In order to find the real culprit, Peter must play nice with local detective Golan Cohen, but cooperation is not exactly part of Peter’s DNA. However, Peter knows he’s been given a second chance by his new boss Lynn Monahan—the Legal Attaché to the American Consulate in Jerusalem. So it’s in Peter’s best interest to make it work with Golan. Until it’s not. 

USA Network’s Television Event Series
Coming March 5, 2015

carednour carednour Feb 25, 2015
Unsure if he is Akula. As for the story, I am intrigued ! I want to read and watch everything I can between now and next Thursday. Have gone as far as I can w/ Dig Decoded.
rvera353 rvera353 Feb 18, 2015
He will have enough money later to get a new can buy anything!!!
stephenu stephenu Feb 11, 2015
the quality of the writing could use a boost......"needless to say, I don't have to tell you....."
RickyPine RickyPine Feb 07, 2015
Wonder who's writing this little prequel...Tim Kring himself?
EleonoraPosner EleonoraPosner Jan 23, 2015
Chapter is a bit short on both length and something to sink my teeth into.  Still curious enough to wish to carry on.
EleonoraPosner EleonoraPosner Jan 23, 2015
So far very enticing.  Looking forward to how this story grows.