The Indestructible Mates

The Indestructible Mates

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Samantha Black the daughter of the powerful Werewolves. Cathy and Devon Black. They own the biggest and strongest pack well.. that's besides the Cold's.

Jessica Cold, daughter of,Jason and Taylor Cold who's in charge of the biggest and most powerful pack. Right next to the level of the Black's Pack.

.The big problem? They are worst enemies.
The biggest chance of them settling their differences? Zero

So what happens when Samantha and Jessica find out they are mates? What happens when their parents find out? Most importantly..does everyone get a happy ending?

{Come along the journey with Jessica and Samantha as they go through thick and thin, war from war, problem from problem, and good to better. Come along their rollercoaster of a relationship and others complicated relationships.}

Camren is introduced in chapter 10. The story clearly isn't really about them but they are important and will be throughout the book. They just are not the main characters.