Senior Year

Senior Year

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writingofsummer By writingofsummer Updated Jun 19, 2017

"Colette, I never told you that this was a good idea," I squealed at her as we shoved books into our lockers at the end of a long, exhausting day. 

"Tera, you're honestly being ridiculous, they are the popular of the popular, the most popular," she said each word slithering off her tongue quickly as we saw Brady approaching. I grabbed my keys and tried to hurry off before he could catch up to me.

"Tera," his voice boomed behind me as I ran into the half-full parking lot. I pressed my keys to unlock my car and grabbed my cheer bag quickly examining to see if my volleyball stuff was inside.

"Hey," I smiled turning around, my locks of hair turning in full circle.

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NerdBird2021 NerdBird2021 Jul 25, 2016
That rarely ever happens but I'm not one to judge that would be freaking awesome tho
Jay7Jay7 Jay7Jay7 Sep 07, 2015
Omg yassss this just made my day... no my week... no my month.... no my year. Yep that sounds good this made my year