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The moment I met you (Liam Payne Love Story) (Completed)

The moment I met you (Liam Payne Love Story) (Completed)

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Liam Payne's girlfriend By Katieluv Completed

Katie Gillies is an orphan who works as hard as she can to earn the little money she has. She isn't a major fan of One Direction but when a chance comes up to audition as one of their back up dancers she jumps at the chance. Everything changes when she meets the five boys she is going to be dancing for. Especially something in her heart.

(Just a note. The story isn't about me. It was going to be Lilly but if I wanted to link it to Jassie's it had to be Katie. So if you see a Lilly that is supposed to be Katie because I originally wrote it as Lilly but changed most of them to Katie. So Sorry for any confusion. Lilly and Katie are the same person.)

Nooriginality13 Nooriginality13 Apr 08, 2016
"I pulled the book I was hiding out of my bag. And the one out of my jacket was for later.😉
Nooriginality13 Nooriginality13 Apr 08, 2016
Don't write it if you don't want to talk about it. You know when they read that they're gonna be like"awwwwwww what happened"and your just gonna cry.😭😭😭😢
Nooriginality13 Nooriginality13 Apr 17, 2016
Lenny, Jenny, Kenny (they're triplets) Billy, Bob, Bill, Billy Bob Bob billy, (quadruplets) Summer, Mary, Todd, Tony, Conchobar, Kevin, Keene, Keke, Phoebe, Diana, Olivia, Timothy,
Misslittlemix1D Misslittlemix1D Aug 08, 2016
I'm going to pretend this is danielle because she's queen and she's a dancer and peazer will forever be my fav besides zerrie
Nooriginality13 Nooriginality13 Apr 08, 2016
Someone count them and I'll name them. Can't count them I'm allergic to my glasses, and I broke them.
LarryWorldofWonder LarryWorldofWonder Dec 25, 2016
Omg she used the wanted lyrics in the title! Omg hèll naw I'm out you just ruined it for yourself loser fake directioner!