Outside Cages | BNHA+Naruto!Yandere! Various x Reader

Outside Cages | BNHA+Naruto!Yandere! Various x Reader

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"If you want me, name your price." She knew that she shouldn't have gotten involved in the noble's game. (Name) (Last Name), a simple servant girl, knew she was far too deep to escape the games the Clan princes had planned.




  Sasuke smirked at his question, lifting his cup to his lips once more and taking a light sip. "Her maid, what's her name?"

   "(Name)." He answered almost immediately, not wanting to get on the prince's bad side. He was still, only a general. "Why the sudden interest?"

       Sasuke only chuckled lightly, his onyx eyes focusing on the servant girl who was holding the teapot with narrowed eyes. "She's interesting."

   Shisui was about to ask but was cut off by what he said next.

   "She has the nerve to think that the tea we provided is poisoned." Sasuke laughed though his onyx eyes were cold as ice. "(Name), huh?.."


She bowed at the waist, catching the three nobles' attention but stayed focused on her mistress only. "Hime."

  "Yes, (Name)?" Akemi called out softly.

    "I hope you were satisfied with my performance." She lifted her head to see Akemi smiling at her warmly and a warm feeling erupted in her chest. 

    "I was indeed." Akemi told her.

    "And I was too." She snapped her to see that Sasuke was the one complimenting her. "I believe we all were- You are a fantastic dancer." His dark eyes ran her up and down, unreadable.

   "Thank you. Yet, I am not that talented- there are better."

   "Don't be so humble." Naruto joked. "You were amazing." 

   Sasuke smirked ever so slightly, much to your own confusion. "Yes, you trul--."

   "Who's this that has caught your attention, Otouto?"


In which, you, a simple servant girl catches the eyes of numerous princes- who have one goal in mind. 

  To claim you.

   And let's not forget that there's a demon lurking around in the shadows, watching over you. So good luck on surviving!

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