Notice me Kohai [Yandere Simulator / Love Sick]

Notice me Kohai [Yandere Simulator / Love Sick]

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PoshBulbasaur By PoshBulbasaur Updated Aug 22

[This is my rendition of the story of Love Sick, if you do plan on playing the game, please note that this story will contain spoilers. Again, this is a rendition, I have no idea on what the actual game plans to do] 

Takara Yamada. Younger sister of Taro Yamada and older sister to Hanakō Yamada.
Just entering the prestigious Academi High with her best friend, she starts to notice a lot of people going missing.

What'll happen if she a witness to some strangers cruel crimes against her friends each week.
Only one way to find out.

[I do not own Yandere Simulator / Love Sick or it's characters. I only own my OC's featured in this story]
[Yandere simulator Male! Rivals x OC x Yandere-Kun]