Only His | 18+ ✔

Only His | 18+ ✔

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"Well,  behalf of my dick, who cannot speak for himself," Kade said simply as he watched over my face, one of his eyebrows risen, "I would like to say for him that he doesn't care about my brother's feelings at this current moment - or his reaction to the photo."

"Well, I do," I muttered, my sentence coming out muffled in my hands as they covered my face. "Do you know how this makes me look to the public eye? To be sleeping with my boyfriend's older brother?"

"Look on the bright side, Em." I didn't even spare him a glance as I shook my head, grunting. "Emara, look at me."

My hands were pulled away and Kade stared at me, his vibrant blue eyes twinkling and his dirty blonde hair covering his eyebrows. The sight of his effortless beauty made my hard glare slightly soften. 

"You know I won't tell him if he finds out, you know me," he mumbled to me, "but I'm not going to lie to him when he finds out and say that if I had the chance to change what we've been doing, I wouldn't - because I would do it again without a second thought."