Mr.Alpha Meet Ms.Badass

Mr.Alpha Meet Ms.Badass

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Cray Cray By OraClear23 Updated Aug 28, 2018

Hello my name is Meggen Sweets and I love everything and everyone! I love to play in flowers, OH and my room is pink, My hair is pink,My-

Not believable ,Is It? Yea thats totally not me.

Im Meggen Sweets but Im far from sweet.The last person who called me sweet, well lets just say the police still can't  prove I did anything.

But any who call me Meg. If you haven't noticed I dont like authority.Also I dont like people,Well some. I also dont like pink..Ew..Dont even talk about the color.

And Im a wolf so..yea.

My friends call me trouble cause when Im ,ticked off,drunk,bothered,fighting, know the usual get in trouble

I may be the youngest out of 3 kids but Im stronger than anyone my dad was tempted to put me s Alpha! But I got matched up with a possessive,hot,meannie alpha. Hahahahaahah as if.

Wait I am mated to a possessive,hot,meanie alpha?

Hell no.

I want to be alone! Thats the best thing for me dont you see!

Hey that rhymed-Wait! Stay on topic..*cough, cough* I DONT WANT HIM!? DIDN'T MOONGODDESS JUST HEAR MY RANT ABOUT NO AUTHORITY!

Well my mates going to have the worst ride ever.

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