Antics and Escapades | f.w.

Antics and Escapades | f.w.

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Britt By ProblematicFrenchFry Updated Jan 15, 2019

❝darling, what you call fun, the rest of the world calls trouble.❞

Before it even started, Willow McKinnon knew Hogwarts was going to be a lot more exciting than her past years. And While it might not be good excitement, this Gryffindor isn't about to let anybody ruin her fun. With the help of her friends, Willow is determined to cause more trouble than ever before. Whether it be through messing with her Prefect sister, defending her cousin who has a knack for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, or just causing absolute mayhem with her favourite ginger twins. No one at Hogwarts is prepared for the years to come especially with Willow is determined to make them her own.


this is the rewrite of one can simply wonder, it's a work in progress but so far I like it a lot better than the original, hopefully you all do too.