My Dark Secret [A Transformers Prime Fanfiction]

My Dark Secret [A Transformers Prime Fanfiction]

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Chelsea McPherson By SaitheSuperSaiyan Completed

When a Decepticon vessel crashes on Earth, Team Prime goes to investigate, prepared for anything… except for the discovery of a sleeping Autobot femme. This discovery leads to an unexpected event: Optimus Prime falls in love.

The femme, named Vesper, also falls in love with the Prime, but refuses to show it for fear of him getting hurt or killed due to the dark secret she carries, the very secret that Megatron will do anything to get his hands on. As events unfold, Optimus and Vesper grow closer and closer to each other…

Until the dark secret that Vesper carries – the secret that threatens both Earth and Cybertron – also threatens to tear the two apart.

Warning: story contains implications of rape and extreme violence.

  • arcee
  • autobots
  • bulkhead
  • bumblebee
  • decepticons
  • jack
  • megatron
  • miko
  • optimusprime
  • optimusxoc
  • raf
  • rafael
  • ratchet

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