The Escort (Zouis)

The Escort (Zouis)

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clifton_49 By clifton_49 Updated Nov 25

Harry's worried about his best friend. It's not like Zayn's in any sort of trouble or sick, but he's twenty one years old and is still a virgin. To most people, that wouldn't be a big deal, but in Harry's mind, nothing could be worse. 

Zayn is pretty insecure about himself, and that's the reason behind why he's still a virgin; he thinks nobody wants to sleep with him. So Harry devises a plan to get Zayn laid once and for all: he hires an escort. A male one, of course, because Zayn may have never been with anybody in a sexual way, but he knows for a dead fact that he is gay. 

When Zayn meets the escort, Louis, he's a little embarrassed that he doesn't know what to do, so Louis shows him the ropes. Louis is usually the type of guy to never fall for one of his clients because he's learned his lesson from the last time, but what happens when he starts to fall for Zayn? Will Zayn share the same feelings? And if he does, is Louis willing to be honest and open for the relationship?

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