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† Kale † By KaleTheQueen Updated 6 days ago

"Tate Moore is fucking psychotic."
  He stared at me blankly, like he hadn't just insulted himself. He snapped his gum, as my mouth hung open. Then something completely unexpected happened. 
  He plucked the gum from his mouth and stuck it on my nose, thumb pressing it onto my skin until in stayed. I blinked in shock as he ducked forward and pressed his lips to mine. The kiss was short and brief, and he pulled away with that same expressionless look. 
  I could feel the cool air drying the gum on my sniffer as he said, "Now, Poppy Dawson is fucking crazy, too."

This is supposed to be creepy and totally out-of-nowhere but I love it.
_hateful_ _hateful_ Jul 15
If a boi brings you food you gotta marry him. Number one rule in life.
maddirudz maddirudz Mar 26
Like I just feel it, like when my siblings get slapped hard and I hear the echo I feel the stinging on my skin for them 😒😅😭
cherry-pops cherry-pops Apr 07
Aye son if this *looks between them* ... thing here doesn't work out, I'm always available. Hmu aye, I have a great expression when I read wattpad. *whispers* especially smut
Silvrish Silvrish Mar 26
Ya little paTATE.
                              That means potato in French.
                              Ya know...
                              Ok I'll go home
Sarcastically_awe Sarcastically_awe 2 days ago
And this right here is why I'm single 😭🤕 wattpad sets my boy standards way too high