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Blue Flames Burn Hotter ( Rin x reader )

Blue Flames Burn Hotter ( Rin x reader )

33.4K Reads 1.2K Votes 9 Part Story
Go to KissaBear to see more! By Aurophobe Updated Apr 20, 2016

(All stories of mine are written with a broken phone screen, so bear with spelling errors)
You have been going to the Cram school for a while now and are very close friends with one of the teachers, Yukio... but his brother? You want a little more then friendship with him.

kawaiiyoaifangirl kawaiiyoaifangirl Apr 09, 2016
Satan just hates everyone. I swear he hates me and his own son. Wow. Shame on you Satan.
shortbeauty14 shortbeauty14 4 days ago
Lol this is so me I won't be paying attention but I know what topic was being discussed
I_drugged_yo_cereal I_drugged_yo_cereal Dec 11, 2016
Lol I read it as 'Yukio's voice broke' so I imagined him having this wobbly high pitched voice and now...omg...laughing at my own comments. Wtf
Kittykatty2006 Kittykatty2006 Feb 01, 2016
*Yes kill eachother YES YESS YEESSSS!!!* That was my sleepy/F'ed up side of me
YourLieinKaori YourLieinKaori Oct 07, 2016
Well well🌚
                              My mind is thinking many thing that HAVE shouldn't never been thought of
memekookie memekookie Apr 09, 2016
Me: *sings* I got my eyes on you *wiggles eyebrows*
                              Rin: Wtf?