You'll always be mine.

You'll always be mine.

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LaylaAkshitaElodie By LaylaAkshitaElodie Updated Aug 28

So, after  I finished watching the drama addicted heroine and read the novel a couple times. My imagination went wild. I read the second book and it was AMAZING.
But I can't seem to get over them so  I decided to write my own version of the second book.

Noted: the name of the characters  are not mine. The are from the Original novel written by Chai Ji Dan.
I'm just  a fan who want to satisfy my imagination.
Hope you guys like it.

This is a what if fan fiction.
What if Guhai didn't know that Bai Luoyin was alive.
What if Bai Luoyin didn't go to the army but went overseas. Somewhere where Guhai did not know.

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