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Lili~ By BelleorLeslie Completed

It wasn't just my fate I was dealing with, it was everyone else's.

||James Potter/Marauders Era||

"Sometimes it's fun to be a little bit unrealistic." - Isabelle Primrose.

I just now remembered that this was a Harry Potter fanfiction.😄
lol im just seeing everyone like go canada when i live in america with a great grandmother who went from france to canada to america (im a fourth generation immagrant on both sides of my family!)
kind-of kind-of Mar 26
so mundane...
                              WHY DO I HAVE TO BE A MUNDIE WHY
Lilly and Athenas soulmates are Sirius and Remus p.s  I am a FTR so this is just a guess
Dolfinn19 Dolfinn19 Feb 06
Dumbledore, he always has to butt into other people's buisness.
cinderhelmo cinderhelmo Oct 19, 2016
As an American, living in our FRICKING STUBBORN country that doesn't want to change to Celsius, how much is 29° in Fahrenheit