Forever Girl (Urban)

Forever Girl (Urban)

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Almost every girl has that one guy that they just won't let go.

You'll do any and everything to make them happy. You'll stay by their side even when they don't appreciate it. You'll ride for them when they don't deserve it. And you'll hold them down, even when they don't notice it.

Sometimes this can cause you to end up in crazy situations. Some may be minor, others major.

All for a guy, who at the end of the day probably won't even appreciate it as much as he should.

If you could relate to any of that I salute you. Cause just like me, you're the true definition of a Forever Girl. - Monique Dash 

(Lots of private chapters, so make sure you're following me before you read.)

The sequel to Holding You Down. 
Book 2 of 3 
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Cece_bambino Cece_bambino May 23, 2017
What Mann we have sum bipolar weather Mann...... it was raining then two seconds it was hot asf and sunny
shakita11 shakita11 Jun 08, 2017
If this ain't me 😭😭 I always flip the script and make them feel bad
shakita11 shakita11 Jun 08, 2017
I hate that song 😭 my sister play that shît too much 😭
shakita11 shakita11 Jun 08, 2017
We had a super bowl party for them and we had on they shirts and all and they failed us 😭😭 this year
bhogans bhogans Nov 22, 2016
Sound like my husband right now were preggers and man I go 0 to 60 real quick
CherishWilliamss CherishWilliamss Aug 16, 2016
Same I be repin ATL all day but when football come on i be hella quite @Miss_Bri