Sugarcane and Indigo

Sugarcane and Indigo

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Mickey Hughes By Africana124 Updated Feb 11

In the hidden town of Nowhere, Louisiana hides a secret. A secret that's been guarded closely since the founders - a group of rebel slaves possessing the juju - had created the town from the burning ashes of their master's plantation. The secret that's been closely guarded for hundreds of years? A god lives there and protects the town.

The rules of the god's blessing are simple: stay within the town's borders and nothing can harm you, never leave the town's magical border, one person in each generation must always give up their magic to re-strengthen the town's barrier, and the most important: never tell an outsider the secret.

Fast-forward a few centuries and Lavender Fletch, a descendant of one of the original slaves, is chosen to give up her magic in service to the god. Across the street, Indigo Byrd, moves in. 12 years ago his sister and Lavender's best friend, Violet, disappeared. He enlists Lavender's help in uncovering what really happened all those years ago. Blocked by the townsmen at every turn, they must rely on each other if they are going to find out the truth and escape with their love and their lives intact. 

Will Lavender give up her powers to the god? Will Indigo ever find out what happened to his little sister? Will they both be killed before they admit that they want each other? And perhaps the most important question, what does the god want with them both?