Alpha's Human Mate

Alpha's Human Mate

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Natalie By heavenly_dreams210 Updated Jan 02, 2016

(Rewriting everything. The first chapters are all rewritten you will be very confused on some chapters because they aren't updated to the newer version of the book) 

Allison Wright had a rough life. The two men that meant the world to her made love something she despised. Now Allison is moving to Paradise Ohio  to live with her grandma, because her dad doesn't want her anymore. She never believed in werewolves but that all changed when she met Xander. He helped her see the true meaning of love.

Alexander or Xander Parker, is the strongest Alpha in the states. He will be assigned the role of alpha when his dad dies or gives it to him. Everyone fears him in school, except his group of friends, even the humans fear him. But when he meets a certain brown haired girl or his mate. He doesn't know how long he can kept his secret from her before everything comes crashing down.

Follow Ali's and Xander's story of love, hate, sadness, and lots of fights in Alpha's Human Mate.

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jjanasatiarose jjanasatiarose Jul 03, 2017
i've realized that every every wattpad school slut is usually named Trisha. (note to self, don't name (if) future  daughter Trisha)
ionlyspeak_sarcasm ionlyspeak_sarcasm Jun 06, 2017
I love horseback rider, I been actually rider for 11 years now, it is so freaking fun
That_Girl_Nina That_Girl_Nina May 08, 2016
This is the exact definition of my ex boyfriend. I'm relating too much to this book, first my name is Nina and now this!!
panda-angel28 panda-angel28 Jul 24, 2016
My mother had married a guy I hated and i told my mum I disliked him. She told me too bad because I love him. She kicked me out of the house and I am now living with my grandparents. My mom choose her husband over me her only daughter.
That_Girl_Nina That_Girl_Nina Apr 06, 2016
So my name is Nina and one of my best friends is called Trevor.. This is awkward
ArmyBabe0906 ArmyBabe0906 Jul 30, 2016
Just want to say I love your intro! It immediately captured my attention and got me excited for the rest of the story!