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Naia Cannon By shufflebawt Completed


Bethany Fitzgerald fled her hometown of Temecula, California to Seattle, Washington. She is hell bent on leaving her past behind her, erasing all contact with the people who betrayed her the most. Finally able to feel comfort, Bethany strives to complete her doctorate with no distractions. All is well until she meets Logan Chase, inherited millionaire who does nothing with his life but attends charity benefits, and apparently harass Bethany. Logan is determined to know who the real Bethany is. He doesn't just want her to love him, he wants to be her obsession.

Book One in the OCD Trilogy.

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mommapunkin mommapunkin Jan 10
You probably meant a 180° because a 360° means the the same thing....
jesiccabella jesiccabella Jul 26, 2016
well your mother not raised you enough that well, you missed one lesson: never put charge on anything to a girls 😂
DoYouFeelIt DoYouFeelIt Jan 18, 2016
questions why there's no comments about the sex and the city and the Carrie diaries
bentely1012 bentely1012 Dec 12, 2015
Oh wait they didnt unpack the boxes?  What type of movers!? They would not be getting paid that day no sir
little1nora2wolf little1nora2wolf Sep 01, 2015
i like this but w8 what floor is she on isnt it a building how can the guy  c her
Richellelikesfood Richellelikesfood Aug 10, 2014
I like it! I think I'm in love with this story even if it's the first chapter that I've read