An Iron Fist for an Iron Maiden (A Danny Rand Fan Fic)

An Iron Fist for an Iron Maiden (A Danny Rand Fan Fic)

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Agent 27 By khadijiah1 Updated Feb 09, 2017

Danny Rand lived in K'un L'un for most of his life, earning the Iron Fist and was destined to become King of K'un L'un. 

But he also was engaged. 

Ever wondered where he got that necklace of his? 

However, that was taken away by the monks.

A couple years later, he was Iron Fist, working with S.H.E.I.L.D. 

Then she showed up again. 

Can Danny win her back? Will she be accepted by S.H.E.I.L.D,  the monks and everyone else? 

And will her powers get under control? Or will Danny lose her again? 

Only this time,  for good?

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erikation erikation Mar 18, 2017
This is so weird. Because I'm watching the new Iron Fist thing that came out on Netflix and Joy is the name of a girl who's Danny's best friend/sister..
ZWulfE ZWulfE Apr 03, 2017
Can I point out that the iron maiden is a torture device? XD Gotta love history class
burntfeathers burntfeathers Jun 18, 2016
Me"Please be Dick Grayson,please be Dick Grayson"
                              Random fan"this isn't a DC crossover"
                              Me*sets my hens on person ruining my dreams*
JediRebel97 JediRebel97 Apr 27, 2016
Awesome so far!! What do you mean short?! This was a good sized chapter!