Giving In || ☆

Giving In || ☆

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Harry makes you feel special, almost as if you mean the world to him. Every kiss, every touch will bring you to your knees. His eyes will make you wonder if there was ever any other thing that mattered. He knows what he's doing, and he uses it to his advantage.

You should just stay away from him.

But you won't be able to.

Just like Louis.

                              I am too dumb for this world lmao
17 years? So he came outta the womb already worried about college
Lina-Rey Lina-Rey Jul 19
I don't give in to anyone 😒 I fancy him but as a singer and acter now but that's it.
oooh that means chapter 24 is a smut!!! Gonna read that first!
This one sounds so good but I can't find it... have you deleted it?
tinieloueh tinieloueh Apr 22
Knowing Niall he'd probably tattoo a chicken drumstick on his stomach or summat like that