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Kipnotize By Kipnotize Completed

Fairy Tale AU, mostly centered around Beauty and the Beast with Beast!Levi/// Levi has never known kindness and had never shown any, so a cure for his evil heart seemed impossible. Enter Eren Yeager, who may not understand what's going on but is determined to tame this unruly beast, and maybe Levi's heart isn't quite so rotten after all. ~I don't own snk or its characters~

JeagersBooty JeagersBooty Aug 13, 2016
Petra, please do not intrude in my ship please. If you do I'll find Annie
Everyone is cursing Levi.. But has anyone thought about the poor bear being falsely accused?
TaiigaIV TaiigaIV Nov 23, 2016
Lol wait wut? Did she just let something slip out that wasn't supposed to be let out?
Katie1NALU Katie1NALU Oct 20, 2016
Bruh.......even my family doesn't know the meaning of "stop reading"
jazzthejester jazzthejester Aug 07, 2016
Petras de clock and aurou is the candle I'm sorry I had to I can see her as lady clock
I haven't even stepped in an airport or on a boat but I have traveled the world!! Thanks to books!!