My Possesive badboy rommate

My Possesive badboy rommate

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#18-dorm🏅«Where do you think you're going?» Grey Mccolum said in an angry voice, as i heard loud footsteps coming my way. 


My body turned to face him with my hand left resting on the door knob. 

"Im going Out" i said opening the door to run out. But before i could do that. The door shut and he turned me around with both hands on my waist.

"Where?!" He said gritting his teeth, i looked down to see him clenching his fists.

My back got more pressed against the wall, as i slowly felt the air was leaking out of my lungs, he seemed to notice this as he pulled a little bit back.

"I. Said. Where?!" He yelled in my face. Anger in his eyes. 

"GodDammit Khloe you're mine!!" He yelled as he punched the wall beside me, leaving a big hole."

"You're only MINE!!" He yelled again, more anger in his eyes than before. Berrying his his nose in the crook of my neck. Kissing it. 

«Only i can give you pleasure, only i can give you this feeling, you're only mine.» he said smashing his lips on mine.

Khloe Holland~Grey Mccollum

Yup, this is my possessive, obsessive annoying roommate, that is never letting me go without his sight.

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