Take Me Now (ManxBoy, Dom/Sub)

Take Me Now (ManxBoy, Dom/Sub)

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Doctor K 🖤 By DrGigglez Updated 2 days ago

Warning! this book has explicit content and might be offensive to some people.
Book 2 ! Please read Make Me Beg before you start reading (:

"Taylor?". I shook my head and looked back up at Dawson who gave me space. "Hmmm". I noised opening the door "You can't avoid me forever ". Dawson said,following behind.

"Watch me".

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Lottuella Lottuella May 13
TAKE ME NOW! TRUST ME NOW! BREAK ME DOWN! No? No FTIsland fans? Really? 🙁😔
totaaa88 totaaa88 Aug 21, 2017
why all the chapters are gone 😱😱😱😱😱😱 i thought this was a new chapter 😣😣😣😣😣 love the book by the way
specers specers Dec 31, 2017
Well now all I can think about is Brennen Taylor and Shane Dawson 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
dance_queen_fever dance_queen_fever May 02, 2016
I thought he was a girl before I read it was Taylor.
                              Well it's obvious who is the bottom/sub in this story
RavensGurl RavensGurl Feb 16, 2016
Great now these two crazies I dnt think I can handle this.
                              Meh ..... Might as well read it while I'm young
PansexualWriter PansexualWriter Oct 04, 2015
That's it? I waited months to read this? :( I'm sad now. It was my last story that I haven't started yet.