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Unheeded ✔

Unheeded ✔

169K Reads 11.1K Votes 29 Part Story
Amber K Bryant By amberkbryant Completed

A Wattpad Featured story! 

(Note: UNHEEDED is the second story in The Fold Series. However, this story can be read first as it has a stand-alone storyline.)

The Fold: bk. 2. Sequel to UNSEEN. 
Meet new characters...explore the Dual Realms...discover how Clara became unseen.

When the impossible is made possible, Avie, the stepdaughter of a realm worker, finds herself transported to an apple orchard on a world that is not her own.  There she stumbles upon Oliver, a migrant laborer who assumes Avie is from the city.  Only years later when Avie is able to return to Oliver's realm does he realize she's learned to stepped through the Fold separating their dual realities.

Oliver can't stop thinking about Avie or the world she comes from.  Together they carry out a plan to bring him through the Fold so that they can be together.  But this plan is not without serious risks.  In Avie's world, people from other realities are not welcome.  While the threat of persecution threatens them from the outside, an internal struggle grows within Oliver as well.  When this struggle intensifies, the two must decide whether sanity and freedom are too high a price to pay in order to be together.

  • dimensions
  • fantasy
  • hotels
  • inter-dimensional
  • migrants
  • okie
  • orchards
  • paralleluniverse
  • parallelworlds
  • realms
  • romance
  • sacrifice
  • stepmothers
  • teenagers
  • wattpadstars