Living Amongst Mortals   (Demigods meet mortals)

Living Amongst Mortals (Demigods meet mortals)

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Daughter of Nyx By Lady_Hemera_ Updated May 08, 2016

The war with Gaea was successful! But when going back to sleep she pulled one last trick. She took down the mist! Now demigods have to learn how to survive amongst mortals. But everyone knows demigods don't have good luck. 

Now slowly but surely demigods are being discovered anywhere you can think of. School, the park, even in movie theaters. So join demigods on there dangerous quest called living amongst mortals.

Aka a series of one shots featuring mortals and pjo characters, oh! And some other things too.

All rights oh to Rick I don't own any PJO characters!

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arg2166 arg2166 Jul 20, 2017
Pale, emerald green eyes, fiery red hair, hunter of Artemis uniform, short, long curly hair, dangerously skinny, bow and arrow, contacts
arg2166 arg2166 Jul 20, 2017
She had a crush on Annabeth but joined the hunters of Artemis after Annabeth and Percy started dating
SmollAwkwardPotato SmollAwkwardPotato May 14, 2017
Tan, long dark hair, dark eyes, 5'0, wears glasses thatvare in between black and blue
                              (I described myself... except I'm actually 4'11)
Solangelo_shipper1 Solangelo_shipper1 Nov 11, 2017
Kinda pale,pastel blue eyes,light blonde hair,a black shirt that says to “to weird to live but to awesome to die”,yellow flannels,black ripped jeans, white and yellow converse
ZodiacKing101 ZodiacKing101 Jul 03, 2017
Justin chrome
                              Son of Selene the original moon goddess 
                              Pale skin , tale , hazel eyes , black hair 
                              Rachel dare
SmollAwkwardPotato SmollAwkwardPotato May 14, 2017
Sarcastic, violent, loves to sing but doesn't admitt it, tomboyish, sassy, kinda crazy if you get to know her