The Alphas Orphan

The Alphas Orphan

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Emerson Parkey was given up as an infant. Her parents left her nothing but a name, and a picture. 
Family and a stable home are two things that Emerson has never had, and she has no hope of ever having it. 

She has a lot of questions about her life, but she is most curious about the new boy with the bright blue eyes, that seems hellbent on helping her. 


"Are you okay?" A rough voice asks me, making my head whip to the side as I sit pathetically against the bottom of a pine tree with tears streaking down my face. 

Worried, electric blue eyes meet mine in question and I feel myself wipe my nose subconsciously. 

It was Brooks from math class, the boy with the tan skin and domineering aura that had caught so much of my attention.