"Stolen" ( Tyga Story )

"Stolen" ( Tyga Story )

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Monday, June 17, 2010

Dear Diary,

I finally got time to just be myself and get away from them. I still dont know why Im here and why they took me, but I do know that I wont see my parents ever again. I also know that it is all my dad's fault. I don't know what he did to this man, but I just hope maybe that he can come and save me from all this. I think I hear the man coming so I have to put this away.

( 4 hours earlier )

"Kayla get your stuff together so we can go to your show, we dont wanna be late!" I rush to get my clothes together. "Coming ma!" The show isnt for about an hour, but ma likes to be very early. I get a call on my cell.

Trina: Hey girl

Kayla: Trina I cant talk girl I gotta get ready for this show.

Trina: Well Im in the show too ok?

Kayla: Yeah, but your not the lead ok?

Trina: Whatever.

Kayla: Hater.

She starts laughing and I hand up. I don't hear my parents running around downstairs. I wonder what they are doing. I hear a door and I get my coat and run out o...

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LailahsWritings LailahsWritings Mar 10, 2015
I'll be like, since we going out, buy me some muh fuckin McDonalds cuz I'm hungry asf.
BritishLove_ BritishLove_ Mar 24, 2013
Omg please write more I love the story please update and after you are done with the story please write a sequel then a trilogy !!!!!!
KhadijahRaymond KhadijahRaymond Oct 21, 2012
Omg, what did I get myself into by clicking on this story. This is going to be a roller coaster of emotions, but I'm willing to take the ride.
LoveMyHonesty LoveMyHonesty Aug 30, 2012
As much as I love tyga he can kiss my Jordan's right about now at least they are about to go out and get some air write more soon please and thank you