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She has a Secret; NaLu (BOOK 1 & 2) [2ND place | FTWattyAwards Romance] ✔

She has a Secret; NaLu (BOOK 1 & 2) [2ND place | FTWattyAwards Romance] ✔

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jimin's baby girl By parkjiminswings Completed

DISCLAIMER: I don't own Fairy Tail. Hiro Mashima-san does. 


She has a Secret 01

She's invisible.


- LUCY's POV -

"Eww. Did you see her uniform? "

"Yeah. Totally gross. It should only be above the knees only! "

"Maybe she has a secret about those knees. Maybe she has ugly legs." 

I tried not to shiver or tremble when I heard them talk about me again by the hall. What the hell was their problem? 

Staring at me. Looking at me. Gossiping about me. Am I really that displeasing to their eyes?

How can they gossip behind me back when I've done nothing to them? 

'They're just jealous of you, lucy.' I heard my conscience whisper inside my mind. I shook my mind and started walking away from them.


My body almost collapsed when I bumped into that pink haired popular guy. 

He wasn't wearing a grin or a smirk. He was frowning. He looked pissed off but it didn't look like it was because of me.

"A-Ahh... I.. I..." 

I wante dto apologize but he dusted himself off and cut me......

AwkwardNerd09 AwkwardNerd09 a day ago
Never hang out with a popular guy theyre nothing but trouble 😂
TorreTheFangirl TorreTheFangirl 4 days ago
Perfume..? Wait what? Since when do guys where perfume? 😂😂
Cana A. = My Friends
                              Lucy = Me
                              Natsu = My Crush
                              It's so similar...
katsudhan katsudhan 2 days ago
atleast it covers what it needs to cover unlike yours wherein ppl could see your butts hanging out
Who doesn't use their own phone. Poor lucy. But now she can!  Yay!