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She has a Secret; NaLu (BOOK 1 & 2) [2ND place | FTWattyAwards] ✔

She has a Secret; NaLu (BOOK 1 & 2) [2ND place | FTWattyAwards] ✔

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Jimin's By parkjiminswings Completed

DISCLAIMER: I don't own Fairy Tail. Hiro Mashima-san does. 


She has a Secret 01

She's invisible.


- LUCY's POV -

"Eww. Did you see her uniform? "

"Yeah. Totally gross. It should only be above the knees only! "

"Maybe she has a secret about those knees. Maybe she has ugly legs." 

I tried not to shiver or tremble when I heard them talk about me again by the hall. What the hell was their problem? 

Staring at me. Looking at me. Gossiping about me. Am I really that displeasing to their eyes?

How can they gossip behind me back when I've done nothing to them? 

'They're just jealous of you, lucy.' I heard my conscience whisper inside my mind. I shook my mind and started walking away from them.


My body almost collapsed when I bumped into that pink haired popular guy. 

He wasn't wearing a grin or a smirk. He was frowning. He looked pissed off but it didn't look like it was because of me.

"A-Ahh... I.. I..." 

I wante dto apologize but he dusted himself off and cut me......

Never hang out with a popular guy theyre nothing but trouble 😂
I was expecting a better secret but i guess that's okay.😐😐😒🤔😑😶
Yoda, is that you?
                              And I say seagulls, *growl* stop it now!! (Youtube: Bad lip reading; seagulls, stop it now)
Other people: it's salmon
                              Me: bruh they are under the same category so you can say pink too, just suck it up and stop complaining
sundi_taya sundi_taya Apr 23
The secret is spilled on the first chapter seriously!!!! 
                              I fuking love it!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😍😍😍😍
Kawaii_Shipperxox Kawaii_Shipperxox 3 days ago
                              Me- SHUSHSHUSHSHUSH you're ruining the moment