Letters to My Brother

Letters to My Brother

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Jessica Barber By JessicaBarber1982 Updated 15 hours ago

When Jet loses his twin brother in a tragic motorbike accident his life is turned upside down. Jet's father convinces him to join a bereavement group dedicated to teens who have lost a sibling. At first Jet is reluctant, but discovers that this group of damaged kids is exactly what his soul needs. He meets Jared, an awkward goth wannabe with a wicked sense of humor. The two of them hit it off instantly. 

Jet finds comfort, support and love in a place he would never have dreamed of being a part of.

In the chaos that has become his life, he finds time to write letters to his brother, Brent, in a journal his counselor gave him on his first night at group. 

This story is about friendship, love, healing, grief and so much more.

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