NaLu-Mating Season

NaLu-Mating Season

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Why is the guild so.....scared?

Mating Season. Its the season when dragon slayers go out look for a mate. Thats not all, Fairy Tails dragon slayers being first generation they wont have any controle when their wills snap.

Who will they target? Will their targets run? or let them do what they want

SJships35 SJships35 5 days ago
Gajeel like who doesn't know that? Lucy you need to know the world more. Like duhhhhhh
lifes_23 lifes_23 4 days ago
I don't know why but the walking dead theme song came to mind😂
mavissvermillionn mavissvermillionn 5 days ago
Did you ask that Lucy? You're supposed to be the smart on- Wait, no, scratch that.
mavissvermillionn mavissvermillionn 5 days ago
Me: Of course. He talks about how he wants to **** to you. 
                              Lucy: EH? What is ****
                              Me: He wants to talk to you. What the hell do you think it means?
                              Lucy: *secret dirty mind*
HHLexi HHLexi Apr 23
Okay I'm being dead serious. Wtf?! I'm a NaLu and 5SOS fan like you. Earlier, I was reading an ordinary badboy story and I saw a Harry fan. Like ?!?! Wattpad tho
Wendy and Romeo duu 
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