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Take Me As I Am

Take Me As I Am

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LaNay Escobar By LaNayPrettyBrown Updated Apr 08

When you think life cant get any worse it does.!For Ashley and Laith life as been a living hell for them ever since they were born.With them just being 11 months apart they know what they have to do to help their mother Christina.Since their father walked out on them before they even hit the age of 2 they were use to it just being them and their mother.After long hard years of going threw hell and high water Ashley and Laith's friends help them out with the one thing they need the most.MONEY.!!Enough money to help them pay the rent.Enough to help them have heat.To finally have food in their house and they dont have to worry about if it would be enough for them tomorrow.For them to have all the styles of clothes that they could ever want.When they finally think their happy for the first few months something happens and it messes Ashley and Laith up forever.How would you like the parent that has always been there for you was no longer there.??What would you do.?Ashley and Laith are forced to live with the man that walked out on them years ago and only to find out that his son their half brother was one of the main bullies in the school that you hate.But when your half brother kepts his friends around Ashley starts to gain intrest in one of them.And before you know it the hate that they have always had for each other is out the window or is it.??

Rihpopme Rihpopme Oct 03, 2015
Nah it make u a good person.                            
egypt826 egypt826 Sep 05, 2014
I cried the whole chapter you did that. I felt so connected with it. Great job honey
NeshaNichelle NeshaNichelle Jun 21, 2014
I just like freaking cried real freaking tears...this part reminded me of my Uncle 
amayalovesyoumore amayalovesyoumore Mar 13, 2014
omg im really ballin this chapter got me feelin some type of way
Souljagirl_SoOffical Souljagirl_SoOffical Feb 20, 2013
@AlexisCrazy4U yea I jus thought  about that. Yo, the death of their got me cryin n stuff. i couldnt imagine that happenin 2 my mom I dont kno what I'll do without her.
OhBoyItsYmani OhBoyItsYmani Feb 18, 2013
Oh I get it since Ashley and Laith last name is Brown they got it from their father so their dad must be Chris' dad too!!! Oooooo!! That was a good tie up!! SMART!