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"Do you know why your here Mrs. Green?"

"Yes I know, but I think it's stupid," I said.

"Why do you think it's stupid?" She asked me as I crossed my arms.

"Because if that girl wouldn't have called me out of my name in the first place or put her hand on my shirt I wouldn't have had to slap her and I wouldn't be in here with you, that's why," I said with an attitude.

"So you think it's stupid because you shouldn't be here," she asked me.

"Damn right she should be here for calling me out my name," I said getting mad.

"Well, I'm sorry to hear that she isn't in here because she did have something to do with it, but what exactly did she say to you?" She asked me, her glasses falling down to the rim of her nose.

"She called me a whore."

"Why do you suspect she called you that," she asked me.

I shrugged. " I slept with her man."

She looked at me with a look that was unreadable, but I'm sure it was a look of disgust.


London Green, at seventeen years old, is the biggest whore at her school. And she knows exactly what she is and isn't ashamed. She just hates to be called it. She wants more for herself, but has a big problem getting in. After going through a big heart break with her ex Brian she lost it and it doesn't help that she's abandoned by her father everyday of her life. But when something happens in her life, everything changes and everything starts to fall apart in London's Happy life. Will she be able to repair her shattered life?


  • cheating
  • heartbreak
  • lies
  • love
  • romance

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