The Next Manager (Got7&BTS FanFiction)

The Next Manager (Got7&BTS FanFiction)

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Hi, I am JYP's niece, a.k.a Park Jin Young. He's not my real uncle but a man who 'adopted' me... I have a dark past, but it doesn't mind, I love my life! 

At school, I don't have friends, because of the fanboys who are always around me! My dream is to be a manager! Uncle is going to help me, but he said that I was too young and my grades are too low... 

But one day, a person made me to be it, my dream, and made me meet 7 guys. 

And another made his way into my life, an important role. 

My first love.

My name is, Park Cho Ah.

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Baeking_Soda Baeking_Soda Sep 15, 2017
I see all of the comments about being able to speak 56 languages and I can only speak English the fuk
- - Jul 15, 2017
I can speak English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Taiwanese. I'm half Korean and half Canadian.
baektoexoplanet baektoexoplanet Jul 14, 2017
160 cm and 36 kg 
                              Lol I measured my height and I got taller :)
MarkiepoohluvJackson MarkiepoohluvJackson Nov 10, 2017
I know fluent english,chinese a little korean,Japanese,Hokkien(hongkongnese),Teochew
itsmebakedpotato itsmebakedpotato Jun 18, 2017
Sometimes when my friends tell em their crush on someone they always say "Don't freak out" what's there to freak about when its YOUR crush
I was so shocked, I am more heavier than her and @msFrra
                              I am 1m 52(11 yrs. old) and 48 kg, I am a little fat.