Bearly Burning

Bearly Burning

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Michaela Wright By gr8pillock Completed

Josephine Dalton has one goal - take her daughter and run. Yet, when a close road encounter with a bear sends her car careening off a cliff toward the Atlantic, it looks like she won't be running anytime soon.

She's lucky to be alive.

Kirk Fenn was out enjoying a night of shifting and the feel of his paws in the snow when an accident changed his world forever. He blamed himself for the horrible crash that nearly killed Rory's mother. It was the least he could do to keep her daughter safe. Especially when her mother's last words before she lost consciousness were, "Don't let him have her." 

Yet, when Josephine comes to stay with Kirk to recover from her injuries, an undeniable attraction begins to flourish. The distrusting Josephine is the most beautiful woman he's ever seen, and soon Kirk finds himself staring at her backside more often than he'd. 

Despite Josephine's dower mood, she doesn't seem to mind his looking. After years of fear and running, how could this rugged stranger make her feel so safe? 

Yet the troubles that brought Joe to that snow-covered road are tracking her even now. Can they overcome the secrets that brought them both to that snowy hillside in the middle of the night, or will Josephine's past come back to destroy Kirk's present?

Content Warning: Dark and steamy love scenes and saucy language. Intended for mature audiences.