Heart Breaks, Soul Mends

Heart Breaks, Soul Mends

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Ink Sans By Ink_Squidz Updated Dec 28, 2019

This is my first book so I dunno how to do the description so here is just some info you should know before reading!

This is mainly an errink ship book, but other ships are involved!!

What the Omega Timeline is in this multiverse.

- the omega timeline (OT) is a timeline where everyone from every au can meet, and many have made it their home. Core! Frisk had originally been the only one able to enter, but then allowed ink and error, both of which helped to shape OT. They would open permanent portals in each au, which would go to OT. Mostly for the sanses (as they could remember resets) but whenever an au had its final reset, the portal would be open to all the au. And example of how the portals work, is how underswap has had a final reset (pacifist) so now has a portal which enables them to go to OT as if it was just another part of their au. Blueberries house is both in OT and US, as they have a portal in the house, so the house is in its normal place in Snowdin, and on a street in OT.
(Sorry if this makes no sense, it's hard to explain)

Ships somewhat involved:

- Errorink 
- Dustberry 
- Kustard
- Fluffmare
- Cream
- afterdeath
(Maybe moooore)

Aaaaaand yeah. Thankyou for stopping by and reading my gibberish!

Also cover art is by me, along with all the art included unless told otherwise, thanks again!