Cameron Dallas and I

Cameron Dallas and I

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Shania Shakira Tamika Tahlia Ali- Singh By nya2442 Completed

"god your killing me!" he grumbled on my neck, I responded with a moan of pleasure as his hands brushed my breast, he placed his large hands under my ass and my feet instantly lifted and wrapped around his torso, we made our way to the bedroom upstairs kissing and moaning all the way, I don't know how but along the way our clothes were discarded and I layed on the bed with my lacy black bra and thong staring up lovingly as Cameron stared down at me the same way.

"babe if you want we don't have to do this I don't wanna rush you" Cameron said looking into my eyes, I got lost in the deep hazel eyes of his and shook my head then kissed him lightly

"baby i'm ready for this" I whispered in his ears seductively smirking as I trailed my hands down his bare torso feeling his muscles contracting under my touch, he groaned

"oh you asked for it" he said then literally tore my thong off of me hey that costed money! 

Elizabeth POV

 I guess you could say life is normal, but of course Elizabeth Grey does not like normal so when life throws Cameron Dallas who just happens to be my ultimate crush at me, well life makes a complete turn, and lets not forget the fact that he is cocky.

Cameron POV

Well I am positive everyone knows who I am, yeah I am the ultimate sex god people don't drool too much. I guess you could say I am a cocky bastard in ways but do you blame me girls literally fall to my feet. I suppose a microscopic part of me wants to settle down and possibly fall in lov- NO not happening, i'm contented with humping and dumping, works fine for me!

So when life pushes these two together it will create havoc, chaos, arguments, lust and maybe, will Cameron be able to change his ways? will Elizabeth accept him as a cocky ass?

CAUTION: This book is for mature readers! but I will warn you when a sexual part is coming up, it also has a lot of swearing.

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AliciaDavidson8 AliciaDavidson8 Aug 22, 2016
Definitely...why does nobody know how to spell it 😂😂😂 (defiantly) haha
meaghan2012 meaghan2012 Jan 29
I wouldn't be a fan of Cameron if he was really like this!😆😆
sumbee sumbee Jul 25, 2016
Once I started reading just a little bit of it I got a headache
secretlygilinsky secretlygilinsky Jul 30, 2015
I remember reading this book a while back as @janayasuper damn.. This was one of my favourite books.