The Life & Times of Teddy Lupin

The Life & Times of Teddy Lupin

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PinkRoyale101 By Princess_Toy_Nerd Updated Oct 26, 2013

The story J. K. Rowling forgot to write. Teddy Lupin is the godson of Harry Potter and this is his story. 

11 years after the wizarding world saw the defeat of the most dangerous wizard in history, things are not well for Wizarding England. So many people died during the wizard wars, and those who survived are disillusioned with the world of magic. Many wizards gave up magic altogether while others tried to deal with the situation.

As for Hogwarts, the school suffered from serious damage from the attacks and was forced to close its doors. Many wizards simply refused to send their children to a school that had Lord Voldemort as a student and Dumbledore as a headmaster. An alternative school was developed; it is known as the new Hogwarts although its name is Crestview Academy of Magic.

During this uncertain time, Teddy longs to break free from the shadow of one Harry Potter and become his own hero. But with a family history of getting into trouble, can he survive long enough to learn the truth about his parents?