The Opal Witch: Prophecy (Book Two)

The Opal Witch: Prophecy (Book Two)

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Heather By heater0387 Updated Sep 10

It's been almost two and a half years since Lux discovered she was a witch, and all her grand plans for the future have been thrown out the window. Nothing is more important than her role as Priestess Most High and Guardian of the Gateways and The Holy Grail.  

But being born with power isn't the same as knowing how to use that power. She's spent most of her free time trying to master the magic inside of her, but as the first witch of her kind, there is no one who truly understands how to teach her. And the one person she thought she could always depend on  has been forced to leave her side to answer for his past.

Thankfully, the last couple of years have been quiet, allowing the Circle to train and grow closer to one another, but that all changes when the Guardian Alina returns with a strange request and a dire warning. Morgan le Fay is preparing an army to storm the fabled island of Avalon, and she needs two things more than anything else to achieve her goal: The Holy Grail and Lux. 

With Daphne and Kitty's prophecy in the back of her mind, Lux searches for a way to stop the Fae Queen before she can be drawn into the woman's evil schemes. While it may be true that someone pulled strings to orchestrate her birth, she's determined to prove she's the one in charge of her life.

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